When a client’s novel gets turned into a TV movie, it’s a really huge deal. When said TV movie stars a beloved General Hospital actor (Ryan Paevey) as the author’s ultimate hero – the historically beloved Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy version 2.0 – it’s a huge deal upon a huge deal. Oh, and the legendary Francis Fisher is in the cast, too?

Right. We needed to turn Teri Wilson’s website up to 11. But an elegant, refined, feminine 11. And that’s what we did.

I worked with Teri Wilson on her original big site launch in 2012, and we both loved it. It was fun, fresh, playful, full of illustrated flourishes, silhouettes, ballet shoes and bonbons.  But as I’ve grown with Teri’s career, I just knew this revamp needed to be nearly the polar opposite of her first online identity. We needed it to be big and open and light and breezy and sparkly now. Effervescent and timeless like a glass of champagne in a fine crystal goblet. (Yes, yes, I like to wax metaphorical and poetic about my project goals, just allow me this, okay)? We also needed it to integrate well with Teri’s social presence – she is prolific on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and as a Hello Giggles columnist, you can’t get more socially-savvy than that! 

So we did a New Year’s Eve soft-launch and hit it hard during Teri’s film premiere week. The site was met with much praise and joy from Teri, her fans, her agent and her creative peers. And I am really proud to present it to you here on my constantly-morphing portfolio. But most of all, I hope you enjoy the love and sparkle that is romance novelist and writer, Teri Wilson.

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