In the beginning, it was authentically me to work 99% in horror and dark fantasy. I owned that niche and did it well. These days, the dark genres will always be one of my best-loved places and biggest creative strengths, but I do so enjoy it when the sparkling to my darkling – the light, romantic and bright side of the project spectrum – pays a visit to balance me out.

Enter the work of new adult / contemporary romance and erotica author SA Healey.

Empty Me Out by S.A. Healey
The LIQUID Series #1 – Click to Zoom

She is an “It Girl.” Her writing is so attuned to human emotion and the reality of love, not just the fluff. We developed the tagline for her website “Love is a Fractured Fairytale” because her books deal with the messy and the painful, as well as the celebratory and the sensual.

This design sequence for her Liquid series reflects that: it’s light, it’s clean and simple, the colors and fonts say “contemporary romance,” yet there’s an undercurrent of messiness – the literal splash of substance – to depict the chaos of a relationship in which the struggle with addiction is real.

Fill Me In by S.A. Healey - The LIQUID Series #2 - Cover art by Immortal Creative
The LIQUID Series #2 – Click to Zoom

Although a glass of spirits can be a fun and casual social time out, the way the liquid is not contained within the glass on each cover gives it an unease, and the depth of the glass / bottle is that splash of color’s gravity. And with the first cover, the dots of red wine outside of the heart shape also look much like blood splatter.

That was my mindset whilst designing these covers – and what the Divine Miz Healey inspired within me from her work to mine.

Would you like me to design some cover art for your next book or CD? I would love to hear from you! I do eBook / digital-only art as well as full print (front-spine-back, CD inserts, etc.) cover art. Very soon, I will have pre-made cover art templates ready for you to purchase, which I will then customize.

With Art, Soul + Love,