Jeannine “Jaye” Rochon

The Immortal Creatrix: About Jaye Rochon

I’ve grown beyond the role of freelance creative services professional into an Artrepreneur: the kind of artist that’s passionate about her expansive, media-savvy, heart-centered, soul-connected business.


An award-winning international creative services veteran and 21st Century entrepreneur.

I have a young face and an old soul. I’m a fun-loving fantastical, whimsical, cosmos-pondering freak and proud genre geek. A stargazer, writer, designer, video editor, web mistress and performing artist.

Known to some as Jeannine, to others as Jaye, in a musical life as NiNi and to Twitter as @ImmortalJaye.

I do everything with all of my heart. And just like you, I am a work of art. xo

A Few Career Selects

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite.TV:  Work distributed to 80+ million homes worldwide for 15 years at TV Guide Network / Lionsgate. Top projects included cross-platform marketing campaigns for Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe red carpet events, as well as American Idol. Was also head of production on network holiday campaigns and annual re-branding of flagship shows.

My original commercial productions have aired (to the tune of 10+ million viewers combined) on KTLA (The CW Los Angeles) and KBCW (The CW San Francisco) during The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Secret Circle, as well as on AMC during The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.


Immortal Creative: Be Infinite.FILM:  For over five years, I’ve been editing and animating titles sequences, one of which aired to over three million viewers on SyFy in 2010. I also animated the amazing art of John U. Abrahamson in the opening prologue, and lent my vocals and lyrics to several key scenes in the film. (Red Clover – Directed by Drew Daywalt)

Speaking of singing, you can hear me perform quite possibly the strangest operatic aria ever (centered in the world of Mario Kart) on the soundtrack to Kart Driver, a Daywalt Horror entry in G4 Films’ first Epictober online film festival.

Another creative collaboration I dearly loved (again, with the incredible Drew Daywalt) was contributing my singing and songwriting to the online horror series Camera Obscura, which was legendary actor Jack Klugman’s grand finale on screen and in this life. (Mr. Klugman – you are deeply missed, but a true immortal).


Immortal Creative: Be Infinite.BOOK TRAILERS:  Just this past spring (2015), my book trailer for the fantastical Ellen Datlow and her creeptastic anthology, The Doll Collection, was shown at George R.R. Martin’s Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe, NM.

I also just finished a trailer for Marvel’s Avengers franchise, and am diving into the world of gaming/RPG-to-book crossover promotions with Tor Books.

As in independent producer/editor/animator, half of my existence is now in publishing, the other half, in film.

My video production work has earned Telly, Davey and Pixie Awards for motion graphics, long-form internet marketing videos and TV commercials.


Immortal Creative: Be Infinite. ONLINE:  I was one of the original beta testers for ~ back when people would ask, “What’s a blog?” I was also the official blogger for the shows Ghost Whisperer, Masters of Horror and The L Word at

Just Jaye

I began my music career at age eight in professional opera, and I will never stop singing.


My personal passions are the stage, the screen, music, music, music, dance, quality food, quality drink, quality time spent with amazing people, dressing to express, kindness, the art of zen, the cosmos, the animal kingdom, the sustainable table and being wanderlustrous (I just now made up that word).


I may be a bit addicted to documentaries, Bollywood, curry, orcas, wolves, bats, ravens, trees, rocks, social media, red lipstick, Tom Hiddleston, Joss Whedon, Zooey Deschanel, every Steven Wilson music project and Kat Von D’s hairless cats. You will often find me immersed in books, shimmying like nobody’s watching, talking to every animal that crosses my path and just generally rocking the casbah.


Look for @immortaljaye soon as #stardustgirl: coming to virtual and physical bookshelves near you.

Hear Me Sing