What We Do

-> Video production and editing for national-level book trailers, TV commercials, movie trailers, opening titles sequences, animated logos, creative animations, color correction and effects, demo reels, sizzle reels, app / game trailers and music videos.

-> Graphic design for all platforms – print, eBooks / book cover art, merchandising, web, stage and screen.

-> Website design with social media integration.

-> Copywriting in all forms: short form marketing blurbs / taglines, movie / book synopses, ad copy, scripts for book trailers, movie teasers and broadcast commercials.


With quick wit and poetic heart, I write copy razor-sharp. ~Jaye


-> Manuscript editing – both line edits and copyediting.

-> Cross-platform advertising media buys – online, print and television.

-> Social network profile page branding and artistic connection pieces for sharing / driving new visitors to your page.


What We Don't

You will see a lot of sameness out there in marketing and promotions, especially with websites. We're proud to say we do not do cookie cutter work at all. What we love about our job is finding your heart and making it shine in your work. Our true passion is to help you rediscover yourself and fall in love with what you do all over again. Because when you love what you do, love attracts love. Your audience will find you and will pay for your work because . . .

. . . They LOVE how YOU make them FEEL.


Hire Immortal Creative If

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite.

You are a band or DJ that needs killer CD art, a screaming website with streaming songs, some posters, stickers, buttons and t-shirts all wrapped up into one uncomplicated, rave-inducing, far-reaching bundle. We could also edit your music videos and create amazing animations for it. And manage that wild and crazy social media fan contest. [ Let's Get Creative ]

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite. You're a filmmaker that wants a stunning titles sequence. Or you need to finesse your movie's color correction and could use some help in edit with a little production panache. Off screen, you'd like a dynamic multi-media website – so let's dim the lights and make 'em never want to leave! We can also design your poster art and place ads for your film premiere. [ Reach Out and Give Us a Shout ]

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite. You're an author in need of attention-grabbing, original cover art that compels readers to snatch up your books immediately. Or how about a website with social media integration? Bookmarks, postcards, book plates, mugs + totes for those networking conventions? A buzz-worthy book trailer? Newsletter / eBlast campaigns that insure everyone IRL + URL – sticks with you? [ Let's Chat ]

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite. You want a national-quality commercial or trailer produced, then broadcast on TV during shows that fit your band / book / film's target audience. Oh, and guess what? That stuff does really well as content for your website and social media too. We will help you build that piece of incredible video and get it seen across multiple platforms. [ C'mon + Talk Creative ]

Immortal Creative: Be Infinite. You're a professional Creative that simply needs some eye-catching display ads to drive traffic from enormous-unique-visitor sites / blogs / socials to your work. [ Pingtastic! ]



Let's maximize your reach and build the fan base of your dreams.