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is a creation
motivated by desire.
Man Ray

Snowglobeman.com: Official Site of Romantic Poet, Thomas J. Snow


Website for Romantic Poet and Playwright [Thomas J. Snow]
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FIRST SNOW: Book cover art, interior art pages and eBook formatting/design


Book cover, interior art & eBook formatting/design for [Thomas Snow]
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TeriWilson.net: Author Branded Web Design and Layout


Website for Harlequin Contemporary Romance Author, [Teri Wilson]
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SNOWPLAY: Book cover art, interior art pages and eBook formatting/design


Book cover, interior art & eBook formatting/design for [Thomas Snow]
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Book cover, interior art & eBook formatting/design for [Thomas Snow]
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Urban fantasy art & website for NYT Bestselling Author [Rob Thurman]
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SLASHBACK Book Trailer

Official video for the NYT Bestselling CAL LEANDROS Series by Rob Thurman.
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Book cover, interior art & eBook formatting/design for [Thomas Snow]
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Rob Thurman Author Postcard (Print)

For contests, conventions & other events. (Service includes cheap print rates & ordering).
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(Credited as NiNi Burkart). Aired on SyFy Network. Directed by Drew Daywalt. Drawings by John U. Abrahamson. [IMDB Credits]
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Alma Katsu Author Postcard (Print)

For contests, conventions & other events. (Service includes cheap print rates & ordering).
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Website for paranormal romance (YA) author [Cecily White] & the Angel Academy Series.
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MEAT: Daywalt Logo & Closing Titles

(Credited as NiNi Burkart) Directed by Drew Daywalt; Starring AJ Bowen, Ed Ackerman & a mythological creature.
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Rob Thurman SLASHBACK Newsletter

Contest announcement & freebies for [CAL LEANDROS] fans to promote new SLASHBACK release.
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BLACK DAWN Rachel Caine Print Ad

Full page color ad ran in Gothic Beauty, Supernatural [TV Show] magazines & the comic book, Lenore.
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"Snow Witch"

Digital art for the interior eBook pages of DARK SNOW by [Thomas Snow]
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(Credited as NiNi Burkart) Directed by Drew Daywalt; Starring: AJ Bowen, Kaylee Score, Maria Olsen, Jonica Patella.
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Ceciliy White Prophecy Girl Bookmark

Cecily White Bookmark

For contests, conventions & other events. (Services include cheap print rates & ordering).
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Morganville Vampires Halloween Ad

Morganville Vampires Halloween Ad for Rachel Caine

Full page color ad ran in Gothic Beauty's big Halloween issue.
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"The Bride of Cthulhu"

Created with love and darkness just for fun and expression. :)
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(Credited as NiNi Burkart). Aired on SyFy Network. Directed by Drew Daywalt. [IMDB Credits]
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Paranormal Romance eBook cover art for author [Kelly Libsack]
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Full Page Color for #1 Internationally Bestselling Author Rachel Caine. Ran in Gothic Beauty's Halloween issue.
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Corvo Music Reel (NSFW)

[Corvo's] best film & commercial projects. Demo reel services include animation, color correction & edit.
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Produced in partnership with KBCW - The CW San Francisco Bay Area.
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Rob Thurman Dragon*Con Ad

Full page color ad in the 25th Anniversary Edition of Dragon*Con Magazine.
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I don't have ambitions.
I have a vision.
Werner Herzog


An Award-Winning Creative Services Professional.
I'm your graphic designer,
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your web geek, your writer,
your researcher, your marketing think-tank-on-wheels.

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These are my chosen
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Powered by Adobe CS4+ & lots of coffee. Everything I do for my clients is no less than a work of art.

Invention, it must be humbly admitted,
does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

My Passion
is Music

These are
a few of my
favorite sings!

Immortal Jaye Vox

I'm classically trained in opera, have sung jazz and Gothic metal, and somehow, I've managed to fuse those genres together for my film music vocal work. I like to consider my style "Romantic Horror Rock." I *may* be the only person to have sung an aria (in Latin) about Mario, Donkey Kong and Pauline...maybe. Below are some audio clips featuring my most recent (and favorite) work with Corvo Music. Hear me sing, hear me roar. Enjoy! (Credited as NiNi / NiNi Burkart)




@ImmortalJaye on Instagram


I like to approach what I charge for services as a virtual flea market and we're haggling over some produce. Most who approach me to work for them fear they can't afford me. Truth is: you can. You really can afford me. Everything is negotiable. Everything! Below are really just averages. Feel free to contact me and haggle.


If there is a type of service you desire but do not see listed here, most likely, I can do it, but forgot to write about it! Please feel free to ask me above and beyond what you see here. Chances are, if I don't have that service available in my treasure-trove, I can refer you to somebody wonderful who can help you. I've got these amazing things called "connections."


WORD-OF-MOUTH = DISCOUNTS! If somebody I know referred you to me, be sure to tell me when you query me for quotes. I tend to give discounts when it's "all in the family."


Click the titles below to expand into the finer details...

Websites: $600 - $3,000
Websites begin at $600 for a gorgeous "grab em by the you-know-whats" index/splash page, an "about us" section/page and two additional sections/pages of choice. After that, it's about $100-$150 per page extra, depending on the level of PHP/JQuery/Javascript bells and whistles we decide to use (like portfolios, sliders, animations, galleries), a WordPress or CMS core system, social networking integrations, newsletter sign-ups or shopping carts. I have found that the average website requires about 5-8 pages total, while advanced sites can range anywhere from 10-25 pages.


In some rare cases, when handling an enormous re-launch/re-branding that involves multiple sites/domains, site migration, database shuffling, etc. etc., rates can wind up being per hour or on a monthly retainer program. Bottom line: there are no hidden fees when we negotiate rates, and this is all determined up-front before the first deposit is invoiced.

Included in All Websites
  • Design & Framework Assets (Everything in my cookie jar is purchased out of my own pocket, not yours)
  • Logo & FavIcon
  • Site Tagline
  • Marketing Copy
  • Brand Name Font
  • Overall Brand Marketing
  • Social Networking Icons / Links
  • Cross-Browser and Device Compatibility
  • SEO
  • Analytics


It is VERY important that my clients feel a huge part of the process. All that we do is collaborative. I make sure you look absolutely top-notch, and that your style - what makes you unique - is FELT throughout your website.


Website maintenance throughout the year (should you decide to have me do it for you) is $50/hour. I do client updates once a month, and the average tends to take about 1-2 hours. If an urgent update is needed, it's still just $50/hour (no expedite fees necessary). Most clients only need updates done every few months depending on how close they are to release day.

Video Production - Trailers/Commercials/Demo Reels/Titles Sequences: $500 - $10,000

Demo Reels - where you supply the footage and I edit, color correct and supply title sequence "book ends" tend to be in the $500-$750 range.


Titles Sequences range from $500 - $5,000 depending on where the titles air and how much complexity is involved (2D vs 3D animation). If your show is airing on a big network, the price is going to reflect that distribution model. If this is for a smaller film festival, I'm not going asking you to spend your entire indie budget on my titles, no matter how killer they look! *wink*


TV Commercials and Trailers average around $1,000-$5,000 without actors and live footage shoots. This includes video distribution options, voice over talent and a custom music score.


Once we get past the $5,000 mark, it most likely involves actors and hiring my Los Angeles-based (Emmy Award-winning) collaborators to do actual shoots for your video (with set design, costumes and a side of fries), as well as internet video distribution options, voice over and original music.


Above $5,000 and into the $10,000 range, we're going beyond production costs and into media buying - actually airing your commercial on network and cable television stations in strategic markets based on your brand and desired reach.


Everything is negotiable!

Print Materials for Signings, Contests & Events $300 - $750 (Excludes Printing & Shipping Costs)
A standard postcard or bookmark design (full color, both sides) is about $300.


Print Design Packages - a poster, postcard and stickers, or letterhead, mailing labels, bookmarks and business cards - is around $500-$750. Marketing copy, branding & tagline development are included.


Base price doesn't include the actual ordering and shipping of the print pieces. I have a group of high quality, affordable print vendors to choose from.


As always, work does not begin or get billed until you've agreed on my quotes. Negotiable-negotiable-ne-go-tia-ble!

CD/Book Cover Art & Movie Posters: $500 - $1,500 (Excludes Printing & Shipping Costs for Poster Art)
Includes marketing copy, tagline development, emblem/logos and series branding.


If you require expanded print design (spine, back cover, CD album art & interiors), it will get closer to $1,500.


A typical project that requires both an eBook cover as well as the spine and back is about $500 - $750, as is a movie poster.

ePublishing, eBook Formatting, Layout and Design
By Quote - Not because it's going to be expensive, but because each author's needs are going to be drastically different from the next. For example: one may need proofreading help, while the other is already tightly edited. One may need me to handle the copyrights, ISBN acquisition and account management, while the other just needs some help with formatting. Independent publishing is pioneer country, so each case (and quote) is going to be highly unique. I can tell you that I don't expect a cut from your royalties - all quotes are "flat rate" or by the hour/retainer (until your book hits the market).
Social Networking, Contest Management
By Quote - Only because each author's needs in this area of marketing is incredibly individual.

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